Charms of Internet: The path to death!

If you are a lazy teenager with neck or back pain and you don’t exercise habitually, but suddenly realized, you should and now you are looking for exercise tutorials then wait. Let me tell you my extremely miserable and depressed story. You should read it if you don’t want to damage your precious backbone.


It was a very miserable morning, I was fated to come across. The sky was clear with the unusual smirking sun. I was on holidays, the pre-exam holidays, more accurately. But unfortunately I was bestowed with neck pain. So, my brilliant mind suddenly had this brilliant thought and after a few moments I was searching for exercise on internet. The woman who called herself a very experienced… whateverherprofessionwas, fascinated me so much that I got hypnotized and spellbound by her enthralling speech.

A few minutes later, I was standing in front of the mirror, wearing my sister’s night suit (because I didn’t have any gym suit and my own night suit as well), looking flawlessly a moron. I lay down on the carpet and did exactly what that woman in the video told me to. Lying in a perfectly static position on my back and gazing the ceiling, I thought what a great decision I have made. How stupid I was at that time! Ah! I still regret. My soul told me that I was looking like a gorgeously smart yoga trainer,¬†we usually see in T.V. Nevermind.

I could do those exercises merely for three days because… Because on the fourth day I wasn’t even in the situation of moving my backbone properly. My beautiful, precious, sensitive and flexible backbone was now converted into a stiff one. The pain I was suffering with is unexplainable, such a miserable creature I was that day. I couldn’t move for two days, well one day actually, because fortunately, my mama’s legendary massage did the job. The only advantage those exercises gave me was… I couldn’t study. Although it’s a great advantage for students like me, but wasting time by studying is is A LOT BETTER than having that dreadful pain!

By the way according to my common sense, it was certainly due to sudden change in my body’s routine.

So, my sweet fellows, never let the magic of these captivating pictures, on internet, work on you. Never get yourself tricked by them! Never I repeat. Spending money on a physician is better than being not able to move.


Consult a physician before beginning any exercise, if you don’t want to suffer!!